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Session 6
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Tuesday June 20 Session 6

Modelling of Antenna Structures
Chairmen: Dr. J. Uher and Prof. J. Bornemann

13:45 14:00

EM Modelling of Complex Antenna Feeds
J. Uher, Y. Demers, J.P. Langevin, A Petosa

14:00 14:15

2.45 GHz Folded Dipole Antenna Design for RFID Applications: a Numerical Investigation
Mauro Mongiardo, Michele Patassini, Roberto Sorrentino, Cristiano Tomassoni, Roberto Vincenti Gatti

14:15 14:30

Balanced Antennas for 24 GHz Automotive Ultra-Wide Band Radar Sensors
Eswarappa Channabasappa

14:30 14:45

Analysis of Monopole Antenna for UWB Short Pulse Radiation
K. Rambabu, Adrian E.C. Tan and Michael Y.W. Chia

14:45 15:00

FDTD Simulations of Tunable Reflectarrays
Sean V. Hum and Michal Okoniewski

15:00 15:15

Simultaneous Electrical/Mechanical Optimization Technique for Composite Smart Antennas
Daniela Staiculescu, Chisang You, Lara Martin and Manos Tentzeris

15:15 15:30

A New Driver for Broadbanding Quasi-Yagi Uniplanar Antennas
F.C. Costa, G. Fontgaland, A.G. D'Assuncao, T.P. Vuong, and L.M. Mendonca



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