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Monday June 19 Session 2

Hybrid Techniques
Chairman: Prof. R. Vahldieck

10:45 11:00

Progress of the Finite-Volume Method in Time Domain (FVTD) and in Frequency Domain (FVFD)
Dirk Baumann, Klaus Krohne, Christophe Fumeaux and Rudiger Vahldieck

11:00 11:15

Perfect Match Total Field / Scattered - Field Formulation in FDTD for a Plane Wave
Source Generated by Multipoint 1D Auxiliary Propagator
Tengmeng Tan and Mike Potter

11:15 11:30

Multi-Region Domain Decomposition FDTD Algorithm Based on Near-Field to Far-Field
Transform and Equivalent Incident Fields
Feng Xu and Ke Wu

11:30 11:45

Accurate Modeling of Microstrip-Line-Coupled NRD-Guide Filter Using a Generalized
Surface-Volume Integral-Equation Method
Duochuan Li, Francois Boone and Ke Wu

11:45 12:00

FVTD - Integral Equation Hybrid for Maxwell's Equations
Dmitry K. Firsov, Joe LoVetri and Vladimir Okhmatovski

12:00 12:15

The Bio-electromagnetic Equivalent Inverse State Model of Human Brain Activity with
the Electrodynamics of Neurons
Taner Sengor



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