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Monday June 19 Session 1

TLM Modelling and Analysis
Chairman: Prof. W.J.R. Hoefer

09:00 09:15

MEFiSTo-Based Microwave Filter Design Exploiting Space Mapping
Ahmed S. Mohamed, John W. Bandler and Mohamed H. Bakr

09:15 09:30

S-parameter Extraction from the Time Domain Response of Devices with Different Arbitrary Port Impedances
Huilian Du, Dan Gorcea, Poman P.M. So and Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer

09:30 09:45

Numerical Investigation of Traveling Wave Photodetectors under High Power Illumination
Damir Pasalic and Rudiger Vahldieck

09:45 10:00

Adjoint-Based TLM Sensitivities Exploiting The Hybrid Symmetrical Condensed Node
Payam Abolghasem, Mohamed H. Bakr and Natalia K. Nikolova

10:00 10:15

Breast Tumor Detection Processing and Performance based on TLM Analysis
J. Nielsen and E. Fear

10:15 10:30

Towards a Unifying Framework for Time-domain Numerical Methods
Zhizhang (David) Chen and Shui-ping Luo



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