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Session 4
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Tuesday June 20 Session 4

Modelling of Microwave Components
Chairman: Prof. J. Bornemann

09:00 09:15

Compact Dual-Band and Multi-Band Filters for Applications in Wireless

Marjan Mokhtaari, Jens Bornemann and Smain Amari

09:15 09:30

A Derived Physically Expressive Circuit Model For Multi-Layer RF Embedded Passives
Ke-Li Wu and Jie Wang

09:30 09:45

A Novel Left-handed Transmission Line Composed of Uniplanar Compact Photonic
Bandgaps (UC-PBGs) and Grounded Mushrooms
Yasushi Horii and Akira Tanaka

09:45 10:00

S-Parameter Analysis on Coupling between DR and GCPW
HeeSang Noh and Ihn S. Kim

10:00 10:15

System Identification Procedure for Nearly Lossless Passive Microwave Structures
Yury Kuznetsov, Andrey Baev, Timophey Shevgunov, Petr Lorenz and Peter Russer

10:15 10:30

Modeling CPW on lossy Si-Substrate Using the Cell Method
Maryam Heshmatzadeh and Greg E. Bridges



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