Professional Activities

The Chair was involved in a number of professional activities which had, as their main objective, the transfer of technology, dissemination of research results and interaction between researchers and industry:

Member of Technical Program Committee, 1996 IEEE MTT Intl. Microwave Symposium in San Francisco, California, June 1996.

Member of International Scientific Advisory Committee, Electrosoft 1996, San Miniato, Italy June 1996.

Organizer of two sessions at PIERS'97 in Hong Kong, January 1997.

Member of Technical Program Committee, 1997 IEEE MTT Intl. Microwave Symposium in Denver, Colorado, June 1997.

Member of Technical Program Committee, 1997 IEEE AP/URSI Symposium in Montreal, Quebec, July 1997.

Organizer of two sessions on TLM, ACES'97, Monterey, March 17-21, 1997

Member of International Steering and Program Committee, 2nd International Workshop on TLM Modeling, Univ. of Munich, Germany, October 29-31, 1997

Co-Chair of IEEE-MTT Technical Committee on Field Theory. (MTT-15)

Editorial Boards of IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEE Proceedings on Microwaves, Optics, and Acoustics, International Journal of Micro-wave and MM-Wave Computer Aided Design.

Managing Editor, International Journal of Numerical Modelling, (Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields).

Scientific Advisory Board, Ferdinand Braun Institut, Berlin, Germany.

Executive Committee, IEEE CEFC '98 Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, Tucson, Arizona, June 1-3, 1998

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