Message from the Chairholder


This annual report covers the fifth year of the Chair's research activities, from April 1, 1996 to March 31, 1997.

This was the last year of the first five-year term of the Chair. Unfortunately, it was also the last year of existence of our industrial partner, MPR Teltech. With the dissolution of this company, British Columbia has lost a major center of activities in telecommunications technology. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Alan Winter, former President and CEO of MPR Teltech, for his encouragement and generous support of our research activities. Thanks are also due to Dr. Josef Fikart, head of MPR's Microwave Department, for finding time in his busy schedule to interact with the Chair's team. At the University of Victoria, Dr. James W. Provan, Dean of Engineering, and Dr. Alex McAuley, Associate Vice-President Research, have provided invaluable support to the Chair, as have the Departmental Heads, Dr. Stan Stuchly and Panajotis Agathoklis. Mr. Rick Warner, Director of Programs at SCBC, and Mr. Brent Sauder, President of ASI as well as their highly competent staff have provided vital financial and operational support throughout these past five years. I am deeply indebted to them.

During the entire five year term the principal research objectives remained focused on electromagnetic field modeling and simulation with emphasis on applications to information technology. Of particular significance is our newly developed ability to model entire integrated circuits together with the effects of their packages. At the same time our research effort in time domain modeling of rf/vacuum wood drying and electromagnetic sensing of soil moisture content has grown substantially. These activities are of particular interest to BC companies. The obvious success of our TLM modeling has resulted in substantial new research support from both industry and governments.

Poman So and Leonardo de Menezes have successfully defended their Ph.D. theses this year. A major new initiative was the incorporation of a spin-off company, Faustus Scientific Corporation, on September 25, 1996. It was the final logical step in the fulfillment of our mission

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
Victoria, June 1997

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